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The ݮ divides its territory into two administrative sectors and has a EMSB Parents Committee (EMSBPC) composed of one delegate from each school (East and West) from each administrative sector and a member of the Advisory Committee on Special Education Services (ACSES).

What does the EMSB Parents Committee do?

The EMSBPC designates parents who will take part in various committees established by the school board such as: Education, Finance, Transportation, Educational Policies, and Adult Education & Vocational Services Advisory Committee. EMSBPC gives advice on subjects conducive to the most efficient operation of the school board. They inform the school board of the needs of parents and they give recommendations to the school board on matters such as: school closures, Deeds of Establishment, school calendar, dedication of a school to a special project, policy on Financial Contributions from Parents or Students. EMSBPC also elects representatives to the English Parents’ Committee Association (EPCA). EMSBPC elects four parent commissioners (one for the elementary level, one for the secondary level, one at large and one from the Advisory Committee on Special Education Services) to represent them at the Council of Commissioners.

How are members elected to the EMSB Parents Committee?

Each year, before the end of October the EMSB Parents Committee meets to elect its executive members, observers to standing committees and every two years the four Parent Commissioners. At its first meeting, the Advisory Committee on Special Education Services appoints a member to represent ACSES.

EMSB Parents Committee - Chair
Member Of
  • EMSB Parents Committee
EMSB Parents Committee - Vice Chair
Member Of
  • EMSB Parents Committee
Parent Commissioner
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Daniel Tatone
Member Of
  • Advisory Committee on Special Education Services (Observer)
  • Audit Committee (Vice-Chair)
Parent Commissioner - Elementary Schools
Member Of
  • Executive Committee
  • Governance & Ethics Committee
Parent Commissioner - Secondary Schools
Member Of
  • Governance & Ethics Committee
  • Audit Committee (Chair)
Parent Commissioner - ACSES
Rosemarie Federico
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